Accounting and Tax Services

Outsourcing Professional Accounting Services

Every company must provide an accurate accounting statement. If your workers couldn’t perform the accounting work, you can outsource the work to our company. Companies that don’t report their incoming and outgoing cashflow are subject to serious consequences by Tax Audits and Investigations.
If you hire our audit and taxation services, we will ensure that the work is done professionally. You can rest be assured that the auditing is done at the highest level of professionalism since our team is well trained.
Our professional team is familiar with the accounting requirements in different countries. We can offer consultation for accounting and bookkeeping services. The advice and information that we provide is of high quality. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. You will be carefree and be able to concentrate on the more important thing in your business.
 To accommodate the needs of the clients, Excel Matrix Sdn. Bhd. offers several packages. Each accounting and taxation plan is customized to fit the requirements of different business. The subscription of the services is available in a number of forms including monthly, and yearly. Depending on your needs, you can also sign up for customized plans that offer quarterly and biannual services.
To discuss more about these services and what we can do for you please go to Contact Us page where you can find different ways to contact us whether via online form (email), phone or snail mail.